Small Office

Give your workspace a professional makeover with our Small Office Painting Services. Tailored for the unique needs of compact business environments, our team delivers precise, high-quality painting solutions that transform and inspire. We offer a range of modern colors and durable finishes to match your company’s style and ethos. Our efficient process minimizes disruption, allowing you to maintain business operations smoothly. Choose our painting services for a quick, effective refresh that stimulates productivity and impresses clients. Trust us for a neat, hassle-free experience that redefines your office space.


Optimize your industrial space with our Warehouse and Open Ceiling Painting Professionals. Specializing in large-scale projects, we deliver high-coverage, durable painting solutions that are designed to meet the robust demands of warehouse environments. Our skilled painters tackle the complexities of open ceiling structures, ensuring a consistent, quality finish that enhances both lighting and spatial perception. With “dry fall” and low-odor paints, we ensure minimal downtime for your operations. Choose our expert services for a practical and revitalizing upgrade to your warehouse, promoting a cleaner, brighter, and more efficient workspace.

Dry Fall Painting

Transform your commercial or industrial space with our Expert Dry Fall Painting Services. Dry fall paint, known for its unique property of drying rapidly to a dust-like finish, is our specialty for spaces that demand a clean, crisp look with minimal cleanup. Our professional application ensures that the overspray can be easily swept away, leaving your floors and fixtures residue-free. This innovative painting solution is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and any area with high ceilings or complex machinery. Rely on our expertise for a sleek, efficient painting process that delivers exceptional results and a quick return to service for your business operations.

Following Through

Our Commitment Makes The Difference

For New Image Painting, commitment to the job is the essence of their identity. This team of seasoned professionals has deep roots in the Saint Charles painting scene, where dedication to craft and customer is paramount. Each project undertaken is a fresh canvas, an opportunity to demonstrate their long-standing promise to quality. Having been molded by years of experience and expert mentorship, New Image Painting doesn’t just offer a service—they deliver an experience where every brushstroke is a display of their unwavering commitment to transforming spaces with precision and care.

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